TXP Transmission Protection & Tyre Saver

  • Total transmission protection
  • Save up to 300% in tyre wear per annum
  • Put an end to fast take offs
  • Decrease damage spend
  • Make operators drive safer
  • System can pay for its self in less than 12 months

TXP Transmission Protection System

The standard TXP system is designed for internal combustion engine forklifts with an electrically selectable fluid transmission. The system will stop operators from changing gears whilst the engine revs are too high or the road speed is too fast.These features allow the gearbox and drive train to remain totally passive when a direction change is made thus protecting the forklift from potential wheel spin and potential drive train failure.

The TXP system has some added benefits such as a dashboard diagnostic unit that allows the operator to see when it is safe to change direction and an anti-bulldoze feature. The anti-bulldoze feature will prevent operators from pushing heavy loads instead of lifting them. If the system detects pushing, the TXP will place the transmission into neutral thus preventing any excess strain on clutch packs.

The TXP system can be easily installed by any qualified forklift trucks engineer.

Photographic examples of tyre wear savings achieved by fitting a TXP Transmission Management System.

Warehouse Machine

This machine works 95% of the time inside the warehouse, on a smooth epoxy painted surface, this machine has worked for 3581.0Hrs on the set of tyres shown.

Yard Machine

This machine works 100% of the time on surface shown in this photo. This machine loads and off loads pallets. This machine has worked for on 4240.7 Hrs on the set of tyres shown. Before fitting the TXP this machine was achieving +/- 1800hrs per set of front tyres. These tyres were replaced at over 5000hrs. An improvement of 360%

TXP Transmission Protection