Automatic Speed Restriction with RFID Technology and / or Colour gate

  • Increased site safety
  • Improved driving standards
  • Internal and external speed limits
  • Greater efficiency
  • Automatic speed restriction

The FMS Speed Zoning system is a cost effective speed limiting solution for sites where interaction between forklifts and pedestrians is unavoidable. The system will allow for up to 6 different speeds for internal and external use etc. It is designed to help lower the risk of incident without affecting efficiency.

The Speed Zoning system will automatically limit the speed of forklift trucks to an acceptable level when entering or leaving a building or a specified danger zone, the system will then allow full allowable speed where it is safe.

The system utilises transmitters that are strategically placed at doorways, blind bends and high pedestrian traffic areas etc. Pedestrian tags can be worn to reduce speed automatically when pedestrians are within the proximity of the forklift.

Speed control zones

FMS Ltd can provide a full training and installation programme.

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Speed Zoning