iPAS – Intelligent Proximity Alert System

IPAS is designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and moving vehicles in your workplace.
The system uses the cutting-edge RF technology to precisely measure the distance between vehicles and pedestrians and provides a highly reliable collision warning.

Installed on top of vehicle, Vehicle Tag detects Pedestrian Tag and Zone Tag based on UWB
(Ultra Wide Band) Technology.

  • Installation : Exterior
  • Interaction : PT, ZT, VT
  • Alarm : Voice Alert via Indicator

Installed inside the cabin, Indicator provides voice alert when Vehicle Tag detects other tags.
This device is applicable for configuration of warning range and volume level.

  • Installation: Interior (Connected with VT)
  • Range: Configurable up to 10m (Caution/Danger Area of Vehicle Tag)
  • Alarm

When people enter Caution/Danger Range, Pedestrian Tag makes vibration and sound alarm.
This device is configurable and rechareable

  • Installation: Carried by people (Helmet Holder / Armband)
  • Interaction: VT
  • Alarm: 

When multiple vehicles are entering intersection simultaneously, Crossway Zone Tag makes voice alert and projects spot light onto floor by detecting Vehicle Tag.

  • Installation: Attached on the ceiling of the intersection
  • Interaction: VT
  • Alarm

Installed at vulnerable area to collision, Flashlight Zone Tag provides audible and visual alert to adjacent workers.

  • Installation: Vulnerable Area
  • Interaction: VT
  • Range: 5 – 30m (5M Span)
  • Alarm:

EOD (External Output Device) is an intermediate device which allows additional devices to operate according to IPAS warning signal.
EOD can be used with various devices such as speed controller, lamp, alarm and etc.