Idle Limiter

Automatically switches a machine off after a pre-set period of time.

  • Improve site safety
  • Save money on fuel
  • Protect against excessive engine wear
  • Reduce engine hours
  • Reduce hire cost


The ‘Idle limiter’ is an automatic cut off device designed for internal combustion engine forklifts. The microprocessor based control system is designed to save you money on excess fuel expenditure, hours and repairs It’s also a very important Health & Safety device as it will turn off trucks automatically which have been left running when unattended.

The ‘Idle limiter’ achieves this by switching the machine off after a pre-set time if the seat is left unoccupied or if the driver is sitting with the engine idling.

The idle limiter monitors two parameters, the seat switch (if the truck has one fitted) and the engine RPM. The system is designed to have both options working at the same time or one or the other.

The time out function is adjustable from 1 – 5 minutes. The Idle Limiter is supplied as a professional kit with full installation instructions and everything necessary to install the system. For more information on a technical installation please call FMS.