Customer Driven Management

Forklift Manager Plus is an internationally accredited management and monitoring system that seamlessly monitors operator and machine performance. Forklift Manager Plus controls access; improves productivity; enhances safety and reduces cost associated with machine maintenance; damage to facility; equipment and products.


  • Improve operator accountability
  • Reduce operating behavioural risk
  • Increase operator productivity
  • Increase machine utilization
  • Reduce excess hours cost
  • Reduce machine  fleet size
  • Reduce machine repair costs
  • Improve machine life expectancy
  • Improve machine residual valueIE PLUS PREMIUM
  • Operator identification and access control
  • Operator conditioning audible/visual options
  • Operational detail: driving; standing; idle; speed; engine hours
  • Event recording and real-time reporting
  • Impact detection with incident analysis
  • Remote lock-out or immediate shut-down
  • Real time data communication and firmware upgrade
  • Machine engine hour meter reading
  • GPS positioning and historical movement*
  • Optional defined inputs
  • Engine monitoring
  • Load sensing
  • Bonnet switch
  • Other user defined source

*GPS only available with clear satellite view


Forklift Managers’ cloud hosted web application provides an extensive tool for monitoring and reporting.

Forklift Manager is supported with comprehensive service contract options for back-office and hardware.

Cloud based web services accommodates integration into existing ERP systems.


  • Access via web enabled PC and smart device
  • Web based learning and accreditation
  • Real time access to machine and operator data
  • Operator and machine specific reporting
  • Assessment of operating style; productivity etc
  • Automated reporting and notifications.
  • Reporting in detailed and summary formats
  • Dashboards and trends
  • Operator license and certification management
  • Machine service and load test management

FM Lite & FM Plus