How does ZoneSafe V.3 work?


ZoneSafe V.3 is the Proximity Warning and Alert System that is essential for minimising the risk of accidental collisions around vehicles and staff. Available worldwide, ZoneSafe V.3 creates a safer environment for your people and assets.

Increased productivity and confidence is a benefit of practising a safer working culture. Whatever the size of your business – warehouse, factory, construction site or even larger such as ports ZoneSafe V.3 is a flexible solution that works.

By using detection technology of ID tags, lights and alarms plus management software and data storage our system ensures cost effective measures to improve efficiency too.



ZoneSafe V.3 has the following applications to improve safety across you entire work site:

Vehicle to Person Alert

Crossing & Walkway Alert

Personnel Access Control

Vehicle Access Control


Vehicle to Person Alert

Protect personnel from accidental vehicle collisions and identify near miss occurrences.

Driver vision can be limited when moving bulky loads, significantly increasing the risk of an accident – and heavy, bulky loads present a greater risk of serious injury. Fitting to all vehicle types from materials handling to plant this system immediately alerts the driver when a person wearing an active RFID enters the detection zone.



Crossing & Walkway Alert

Warn pedestrians using crossings and walkways of approaching vehicles.

An accident usually occurs on site when a pedestrian is unaware of an approaching vehicle, distracted or unfamiliar with the surroundings – particularly if it’s noisy and busy. These 2 alert systems have been designed specifically to prevent collisions by warning personnel at crossing points and walkways of approaching vehicles.





Personnel Access Control

Controlled and security access for doors and turnstiles

All businesses need security measures and protection for their staff, property and assets. This system provides restricted or controlled access through turnstiles or doors. Entry is via the hands free RFID tags.



Vehicle Access Control

Controlled vehicle access to restricted areas.

Restricting access to authorised vehicles is essential to most sites, preventing loss or damage and reducing risk of injury. This hands free automated system uses RFID technology to gain access through barriers, roller doors, shutters and gates.