Help increase Site Safety and Manoeuvre Plant Equipment Safely

  • Available as a security system and/or as a driver aid
  • Link up to four cameras
  • Securely installed black box that is tamper proof
  • Continual recording capability
  • Easy to use and secure viewing software
  • Can be installed to any plant equipment
  • Integrates with other FMS safety systems

FMS have developed a range of camera systems to act as a security system and/or as a driver aid. Manoeuvring plant equipment safely can be difficult at times and an FMS camera system with in cab driver display offers the driver additional views to assist. The camera system also has the capability to continually record footage onto an SD card mounted in a secure tamper proof location. The recorded footage can be easily downloaded and viewed at a later stage – up to two weeks post incident.

Continual Recording Camera System

The primary function of the FMS camera system is to act as a security measure that continually records when the plant equipment is being used. The footage is recorded onto an SD card which is mounted within a tamper proof enclosure that requires a special key to access. Should an incident require investigation the footage can be easily viewed with the capability to record and store up to two weeks’ worth of video footage.

The system can utilise up to four cameras allowing for multi directional coverage.


  • Improve site safety & security
  • Incident investigation aid
  • Reduced damage and related costs
  • View up to two weeks historical footage
  • Improve driver behaviour through better training
  • Promote safe plant equipment operation

Vision Aid Camera

The FMS camera system also acts as a driver aid through use of a tamper proof in cab mounted screen to assist with driver vision. The environment that forklifts work in can be very challenging and often vision can be impaired. By installing an FMS vision aid camera system, you can offer the driver additional views, with up to four cameras, to assist in manoeuvring plant equipment safely
in confined areas.

The FMS vision aid camera system has the option of fixed or wireless cameras allowing for mounting in various locations.


  • Improve site safety
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced damage and related costs
  • Improved ergonomics for the driver
  • Incident investigation aid

Illustrated Mounting Positions


The camera system can accommodate up to four cameras, recording all four views simultaneously, with the option of displaying all four views via the optional in cab mounted display.

Additional SD Cards

The camera system can hold up to two SD cards with an on board hard-drive. At the very least the system will hold up to two weeks’ worth of video footage.

In cab mounted screen

The camera system can be supplied with an in cab mounted screen to act as a driver aid. This is useful for manoeuvring in confined spaces and for larger equipment where larger blind spots are perceived. If four cameras are fitted the screen can display the views from all four at once.

Wi-Fi Capability

FMS are able to offer an advanced camera system with capability to tie into a Wi FI network allowing for remote real-time viewing of any asset at any time.

Camera Systems