Forklift tender awarded with focus on safety

JSE-listed Hulamin, leading manufacturer of aluminium rolled products, has taken delivery of 50 new Doosan forklifts from Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), part of the Goscor Group. The forklifts range in size from 4,5 tons to 16 tons.

GLTC’s Michael Keats says Hulamin made it clear from the outset that they were looking for reliable, state-of-the-art forklifts with the latest safety controls to match their health and safety policies. “Hulamin’s stringent safety requirements meant we needed to supply them equipment that would enable them to control the speed, and monitor the use, of the forklifts, without sacrificing productivity and performance.”

Forklift companies tendering for the order were made aware that the health and safety requirements were paramount to the awarding of this tender. In fact, the additional auxiliary equipment Hulamin required was specified on the tender documents. “We were very proud to meet Hulamin’s safety requirements with our Doosan forklifts, fitted with cutting-edge control systems,” said Keats.


The control systems were supplied by Durban-based FMS Technology.

Each of the forklifts is fitted with a VDO speed limiter, TXP transmission management system and the FM3316 monitoring system.

The health and safety department at Hulamin has used the FM3316 monitoring system for many years and expressed its satisfaction with the safety and control measures this system affords them.

“Health and safety on forklifts has become an increasing concern, and one of the most important features to look at when purchasing forklifts today,” says Andrew Sym of FMS Technology.

“Unfortunately, in the past, we have seen some tragic accidents involving forklifts. Most of these incidents have been speed related, underlining the practicality of controls to help prevent dangerous situations occurring in the workplace.”

Doosan forklifts, designed to operate in confined spaces, combine power and performance with a variety of features designed to enhance operator comfort and safety.


To begin with, the operating compartment is ergonomically designed to ensure operator comfort, with spacious leg room and optimized pedal location. There are hydraulic control valve levers that require reduced effort, and low-noise hydraulic pump and motor ensure a smooth, quiet working environment.

Safety is further enhanced by a high-visibility mast and carriage. And all of this comes with Doosan’s renowned maintenance and serviceability features.

“One of Hulamin’s core values is ‘working safely and responsibly’, and we are grateful to both Goscor Lift Truck Company, as well as FMS Technology, because they have enabled us to honour this core value,” a Hulamin spokesperson said.

GLTC, part of the Goscor group, is the sole provider of leading global brands such as Crown, Doosan and Bendi in South Africa. The Goscor Group, now part of the Imperial Group, has been supplying the local market with state-of-the-art industrial equipment and world-class solutions for 26 years.

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